Borders and Title Blocks

March 24, 2009

I was recently asked by a colleague why I kept the border and title block in a separate file from other building files. “Great question” I said with enthusiasm! As you know, there are certain elements to a title block that are consistently the same on all sheets, and there are some elements that are different. For example, the border, lines that make up the title block, logo, client information, and issue date typically are identical from sheet to sheet. Items such as the title of the sheet, the sheet, number, and revision information are things that are typically unique to every sheet. Therefore, I put all the information that stays the same from sheet to sheet in a file by itself and use WORKGROUP REFERENCING to insert that border & title block sheet into all the other files. If the date of the drawings change and you want that new issue date reflected on all sheets, it is a matter of simply editing one single instance of that date in one single file in one single place. Also, once client information is entered into this one instance of the title block, it will appear consistently throughout the set of plans. No more worrying about things like fonts being different sizes on different sheets; misspellings in the title block on some sheets but not others; the wrong date appearing on some sheets while the correct date shows up on others. You simply enter everything once, spell check it once, and you have a clean, coordinated, consistent set of drawings. You can even put locus at the places you want to insert individual text on individual sheets. For example, you might want to put a LOCUS in the center of the block for the sheets number, and a LOCUS in the center of the box for the sheet title, etc. so when you place the individual text on each sheet, it all appears in the same place from sheet to sheet.

“But how do I get the border and title block onto my sheet?” he asked. Once you have the layer that has your title block WORKGROUP REFERENCED into your drawing, you then create a viewport of the title block on the sheet that you want the title block to appear on.

Need help with WORKGROUP REFERENCING or creating VIEWPORTS? Post a comment and we can dive right in.