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I started in 1981 as a Framer. From there I worked my way up to Construction Superintendent, then drafting technician, and finally to designer. I have worked under the direct supervision of architects since 1991 and have attended Cal Poly Pomona, School of Architecture, Extended University. I have recently passed the Pre-Design portion of the ARE under version 3.1. Soon I will be taking the Site Planning section, still under version 3.1 of the ARE. Together these will count as one section under the new 4.0 format that I will be transitioning to in July of this year.

While I am testing for my California Architects License, I am partnered with two licensed individuals via California’s Agreement of Association which allows me to jointly offer architectural services with my partners. The services we offer range from full architectural and planning services to VectorWorks training, and 3D modeling, rendering, and animation outsource services for other firms.

VectorWorks is my tool of choice, but I also have experience with many programs such as SketchUp, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Form Z, Piranesi, PhotoShop, QuickTime and QTVR, Macromedia Director, and the Microsoft Office Suite. VectorWorks is the best of all modeling and rendering programs! I started using VectorWorks in 1989 when it was called MiniCad. I started with whatever version was current at the time. I think it was a flavor of version 6 but some sources tell me it was a flavor of version 4. Whichever the case, I upgraded from version 6 to version 8. From there I didn’t upgrade until version 11, then 12, then 2008. I prefer the Mac platform, especially for working in VectorWorks, however I have had a little experience working in VectorWorks on the PC platform. I’ve been using Apple computers since 1985 and have PC experience dating back to about the mid 90’s. You can learn more about me and see examples of my work at www.bjpdesign.com .

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