1) Vectorworks User Group Meeting scheduled in the Phenix area for Saturday, June 5th. Time TBD. I am still looking for a volunteer to host the meeting. At this time, there are approximately six to eight attendees. It would be ideal to have access to a computer and projector so we can view some videos from our friends at Nemetschek.

2) Nemetschek would like to visit the Phoenix area with a continuing education seminar. If you would like to have our first meeting integrated with this event, then it has been suggested by the folks at Nemetschek that we hold off the meeting till late June. If you would like to have our first meeting tied to this event, please let me know soon. Otherwise, I will still plan on meeting with you on June 5th, and I will schedule the continuing education seminar for a later date.

3) Jonathan Pickup of “archoncad” has volunteered to be a guest speaker at a future meeting. Jonathan is a Vectorworks manual writer, youtube movie maker and online trainer. Also, the link to Jonathan’s web site has been fixed. Please check it out at

4) I’m still looking for your thoughts on an Apple iPad version of Vectorworks… even if a limited version.

One Response to Announcements

  1. Autumn Granillo says:

    My vote is to combine the meeting with the continuing education session toward the end of June. Please let us know what gets decided. Thanks.

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