Nemetschek has announced the release of Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2009

June 5, 2009

Greeting! I’m back. I apologize for not posting in a while, I’ve been dealing with some serious family issues. For now they seem to be resolved and I’m back to business as usual.

With no further adieux, Nemetschek has announced the release of Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2009. According to Nemetschek, this release is only for the professional version, with the release for other flavors coming in the next “few weeks.” Some of the issues addressed are “improvements related to stairs, performance, and overall stability.”

Personally, I was hoping that they would have addressed the NOTES database, particularly in regards to reconciling notes. The integration of the CALLOUT tool and the NOTES database worked flawlessly in version 12 and I have personally worked with Nemetschek to bring it to their attention that these features simply do not work any longer in version 2008. They confirmed that these features were not fixed in 2009 either, but now that they now about the problem, they will be working to resolve these issues. This was a few months ago to the best of my recollection. Maybe this was not enough time to resolve this issue in time for the release of Service Pack 4.

Anyway, this should be a welcome release. Anything that “improves performance and overall stability” is certainly welcome. You can upgrade by downloading the Service Pack from the Nemetschek web site or you can “go to the About Vectorworks dialog box in the Vectorworks 2009 application and click Check for Updates.”

Happy Vectorworking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Downs, T. Nemetschek Press Release, June 5, 2009