The Drawing Title Tool and Viewports

Did you know that the DRAWING TITLE tool can automatically display the name of the drawing that you are titling along with the correct scale of that drawing? Heres how; select the DRAWING TITLE tool and then select the Preferences Button to get to the Object Properties for this tool. (A Preference Button can be found for all tools that have parameters that you can pre-set, which is almost every tool, on the tool bar. It is always located at the right end of the row of buttons. Sometimes it is the only button). Now that you have the Object Properties open for this tool, you can set “Dwg Title:” to “DETAIL.” and set “Scale Display Style:” to “Scale Label” and click “OK.”

Now the trick is to insert the DRAWING TITLE into the ANNOTATIONS of the viewport. You did take the time when you made your viewports to name them properly didn’t you? If you did, when you place the object it will display the name of the viewport and the scale of the viewport. Also, when you place the next DRAWING TITLE in the next viewport, it automatically numbers the bubble for you in succession. For example, if you were setting up a detail sheet.

One caveat, if you change the name of your viewport, the DRAWING TITLE object does not automatically update itself to the new name. You have to enter the ANNOTATIONS of the viewport and change the objet manually from the Object Info Pallette.

Need help with ANNOTATIONS and VIEWPORTS? Just Ask!


One Response to The Drawing Title Tool and Viewports

  1. Jonathan says:

    on my version of Vectorworks the tool is called the Drawing Label. I like this trick a lot and use it all the time. You have to name the viewports correctly, so I always tell users to name the viewports correctly.

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